07 February 2011

Happy Birthday Mieza and Yatie

My friends, on Your Birthday, 
I Have So Many Wishes for You


I wish for you to have 
people to love 
people in your life 
who will care about you 
as much as I do

blue skies and clear days 
exciting things to do 
easy solutions to any problems 
knowledge to make the right decisions

strength in your values 
laughter and fun 
goals to pursue 
happiness in all that you do

My friends
Mieza and Yatie 
I wish for both of you to have 
beautiful experiences 
each new day 
as you follow 
your dreams

May All Your Dreams 
Come True on Your Birthday 

NurHidayati Mohd Piah

Kawan sekolah menengah,hee
sekarang ni die study kat poli, perlis..
so bile time cuti sem wajeb berjumpa dgn beliau..haha

Hamiza Hassan

Kawan aku sejak zamak aku kecil lagi, hee...
dah lame kami kawan sejak sekolah Tadika lg
Lame kn?? heee..
hope our friendship will be 4 ever n ever ye!

*p/s : mieza n yatie, nk kawen t jgn lupe jemput k! hee... syg korang, mmuuaahh


  1. hehehe...siap cite pasl kawen.miza mmg wajib kawen dh

  2. owh...happy birthday jugak! hehe...
    comel2 je korang ek...:)

  3. nard! yang wajib wajib diutamakn okeh!:D
    thanks sayng.muaaaah!!

    qayum bezday apak blum lagi blan 12 nnt bole wish! hahahaha