25 January 2011

love yourself

We spend so much of our time waiting to be loved, hoping love will find us, searching, 
yearning for that special love.
 Feeling empty and lost without it. 
Wanting someone to give us love and fill us up.
 Unfortunately, that’s not usually how life works. 
You will draw to you exactly what you create in life, and what you believe you are worthy of.
 So loving yourself can create love in your life. 
When you expect love from an external source, and someone or something does not fulfill your void and fantasy's,
 then you will feel worse than before. Love yourself first before love others.

steps to love yourself:

Be honest with yourself about how valuable you believe you are

Start sharing
(Share with others everything you have. Everybody has something to share.
Share your happiness, sadness, money or things you use, and most importantly your knowledge.)

FORGIVE yourself 

Take action and make those words real
(Begin loving and valuing yourself)

Learn to let go
( It is important to let go of all the pain that is still inside of you from that bad experience. )

Remember that love is not a feeling, it is a choice!
(Make the choice to love yourself and the feeling will come)

Get in Tune with Yourself
(Music reminds us of who we really are)

Hug yourself
( Don't do this too much, or people will just think you're creepy :P)

Well this is something that I think is useful, remember that you are only human because sometimes we feel like outcasts or weirdos but that is just something that makes you unique and to be human is to be imperfect.

Never EVER EVER EVER expect to be like someone else 100%. Use your life to build a mysterious and appealing YOU. Not a remake of someone else which turns people away. Write a diary of your exciting and unique life!

Loving yourself does not mean grabbing all of the attention and becoming selfish. It is actually a golden confidence that whispers, I know when it is my time to shine and I can become selfless.

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